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Mental Health Services

Mental Health is directly related to children's learning and development. It encompasses or intersects with interpersonal relationships, social-emotional skills, behavior, learning, academic motivation, certain disabilities, mental illness, crisis prevention and response, school safety and substance abuse. Each of these issues affects not only the success and well-being of the individual student, but also the school climate and outcomes for all students.

El Rancho Unified School District has developed school-based and school-linked programs for purposes of early intervention, crisis intervention and prevention, treatment, referral activities and services, and promotion of positive social and emotional development. School-based programs offer the promise of improving access to diagnosis of and treatment for the mental health problems of children and adolescents. Students and families may be referred or self-refer to ACCESS.

ACCESS is the process by which students and families may discuss areas of concern with School District employed professionals to determine types of services available. For more information regarding Mental Health Services and/or the ACCESS process, please call (562) 801-7380.