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Public Records Act Requests

Public Record Request
The following are guidelines for accessing public records from El Rancho Unified School District under the California Public Records Act, Section 6250 of the Government Code and other applicable statutes and case law, including Board Policy 1340 and Administrative Regulation 1340.
Submitting Requests
All requests should be directed to the district office.  Public records requests may be submitted via email, or hard copy to the following:
Attn: Public Records Act Request
Mail: 9333 Loch Lomond Drive, Pico Rivera CA 90660
Processing Requests
In accordance with the California Public Records Act, all inquiries will be responded to within the legally required timeframes.  Within 10 business days of receipt of the records request, the District will respond indicating the availability of records requested and a timeline of when the requested records will be available.  In unusual circumstances, the District will notify the requestor in writing if there is a delay in making such determination.  The District may request additional information if the record request is not specific enough to permit identification.  If the request is for voluminous records, the requestor will be notified of any additional length of time it may take to process the request.  
Copying Fees
The District will make every attempt to provide requested documents in electronic format if available. If the District is unable to provide an electronic format, or hard copies of the records are requested, the District may charge 10 cents per page for the requested records.  
Exempt Records
The Legislature has established that certain categories of records may be exempt from public disclosure.  These exemptions balance the public's right to access public records against the individuals' right of privacy and the need for government to competently perform its statutory duties.  A list of statutory exemptions can be found in the California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254 and 6275.