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Facilities Updates


Outdoor intercom

Outdoor Intercoms

Outdoor Intercom systems are almost entirely installed and are being tested. 





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El Rancho High School Aquatic Center ERHS Pool


El Rancho High School’s pool is approximately 60 years old and is currently not operable due to ongoing filter, motor, and pump failures. The pool has outlasted its lifecycle and needs to be replaced. The current size and layout does not meet CIF requirements, which is highly desired.


Funded by Measure ER


  • The Board of Education approved the award of contract to LPA Architects for the pool replacement on September 7, 2021.
  • An initial committee meeting was held to share a high level overview of the design process.
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El Rancho High School Stadium & Athletic Field ProjectERHS Football Field



El Rancho HS Baseball Field IS/MND



  • Schematic design is complete & design development is underway.
  • Project will include: (just samples)



Chair storage


Funded by Measure ER

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  • These projects are in the final stages of design.
  • The projects will be submitted to the Division of State Architect
      (DSA) by the end of the calendar year. 
  • Project will include:

Air Conditioning and Heat (HVAC) 


Projector, projection screen, LCD monitor


Cafeteria seating


Funded by Measure EE & ER

Completed Projects
Verkada Access Control SystemsVerkada System
As part of the District’s plan for providing safe, secure campuses and workplaces, installation of Verkada Access Control at all school sites and district offices is complete.
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Clocks and bellsIntercom Clocks and Bells Systems
Intercom clocks and bells systems is functioning in every classroom and office districtwide. 
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Middle School Locker Room Projects

Middle School Locker Rooms were modernized to create indoor learning areas for coaching and rainy-day activities. Work included new lockers, plumbing, finishes, LCD monitors, and HVAC.


Funded by Measure ER


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North Park Band Room
North Park Academy of the Arts Music Building
A new, one-story classroom building dedicated to the instruction of musical arts was completed at North Park Academy of the Arts. The facility houses a world-class music studio and features much-needed storage for instruments, uniforms, and sheet music. The building also includes a parent workroom for the many student support activities provided by the campus' parents.

Funded by Measure A & EE

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Valencia Drive-thru Lot
Valencia Academy of the Arts & Sciences Traffic Mitigation
A traffic improvement project was completed at Valencia Academy of Arts and Sciences as a solution for traffic issues that were a safety hazard for students, pedestrians, and vehicles. Improvements completed include an enhanced drop-off and pick up locations, revised circulation, and additional parking.  

Funded by Measure EE