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El Rancho Unified School District’s goal is to develop all students to be challenged in becoming college and career ready and life-long learners. Actively partnering with the community as its leading educational institution that provides a technology rich and innovative learning environment for all students. In pursuit of this objective, the Facilities Department at El Rancho Unified is dedicated to creating educational environments that are not only clean and safe but also welcoming, fostering an atmosphere conducive to both teaching and learning.

School structures represent dreams, opportunities, and safety for both students and the community. Favorable learning atmospheres contribute positively to education, boosting attendance, performance, retention, and graduation rates. Well-maintained, safe, and inviting schools reinforce the value and significance of education for students and educators alike, underscoring its importance within the El Rancho Unified School District.

The services provided by the Facilities Department are strategic planning in coordination with the Business Services Department, program, project, and construction management, and contracts and labor compliance. Additionally, the team manages the implementation of the $52 million District Measure EE and the $200 million District Measure ER bonds that were approved by Pico Rivera voters in 2010 and 2016.

In conjunction with the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, the Facilities Department and the Business Services Department are making your dollars go further because all Pico Rivera kids deserve the absolute best!

Luis Torres,  Facilities Project Manager 
Magali Lomeli,  Facilities Department Secretary