Superintendent's Message


Quality Education Today for A Better Tomorrow

Dear El Rancho Unified Families,


I hope this letter finds you well and full of enthusiasm for the 2023-2024 school year. As the Superintendent of the El Rancho Unified School District, I am excited to welcome each and every one of you back from summer vacation.


We have been hard at work during the break, dedicated to building a world-class education environment. Our teams have been diligently preparing classrooms, facilities, and resources to ensure that you have the best possible learning environment. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of creativity, critical thinking, and success for all students.


Our teachers have been attending training sessions, honing their skills, and bringing new innovative methods to the classroom. Their dedication and passion for education are unmatched, and we are confident that they will inspire and guide our students to reach their full potential.


Before we embark on this incredible journey of learning and growth, I encourage you all to savor the last few days of summer, enjoying time with family and friends. Together, let's create lasting memories and energize ourselves for the amazing experiences that await us in the coming academic year.


With your involvement and support, I am confident that this will be the best year yet for the El Rancho Unified School District. Let's work together to create a nurturing and empowering environment where each student can thrive and excel.


It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my warmest welcome to every student and family!  I am grateful that you have chosen the El Rancho Unified School District for your child and I am confident that this school year will be filled with countless opportunities for your child to learn and grow. 




Marco A. Villegas, Ph.D.