Superintendent's Message

Having spent most of my life in education as a student, teacher, principal and administrator, I am honored to be Superintendent of this remarkable school district. My 20-plus years of experience have given me a deep appreciation of the hard work of our employees, families and community partners, and their dedication to the success of our students. We must now build on these achievements as we prepare our students to thrive in the rapidly changing global community. This strategic plan, titled “Providing a World of Opportunities for Our Students” serves as a guide for creating an organizational culture that engages, inspires and supports students and staff.


As we highlight our focus on educational excellence, equity and innovation, we must work collaboratively to ensure that each and every student graduate ready for college and career. “Providing a World of Opportunities for Our Students” highlights our newly developed objectives and initiatives to provide students with a dynamic, personalized and high-quality learning experience. We are now offering new educational pathways, broader access to quality arts education, increased parent engagement and stronger social-emotional supports. This strategic plan also serves as a meaningful action plan – a road map for ensuring that all of our students will graduate, and that they will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to pursue their aspirations and lead fulfilling lives. As we work toward these goals, we must exercise fiscal responsibility by making the most effective and equitable use of all available resources.


We recognize that our District has experienced a number of challenges over the years, and that we must intensify our efforts to close persistent achievement gaps and create a better future for our students. This plan is a significant first step of the many we will take together to ensure that all of our students graduate and that they are prepared for success. We are at our best when we are unified and moving forward as a team. So, let’s work together for TEAM KID!


Dr. Frances Esparza