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Introduction to Peachjar



PeachjGo to (community-orgs subpage)ar unites schools, parents and communities in their joint mission to elevate student outcomes and increase parent engagement. Peachjar's cloud-based communication platform streamlines school-to-home communication by distributing vital school updates and community resources directly to parents as digital flyers.


El Rancho Unified School District has partnered with Peachjar in "going green" beginning in the 2024-25 school year.


Not only does Peachjar's digital platform assist with preserving natural and monetary resources, embracing innovative technology, and reducing staff time, but it provides important information to the ERUSD community regarding upcoming activities and events, beneficial services, and educational opportunities that support the District's mission and directly enhances student's lives.


Use of the District flyer distribution system shall be under the supervision and control of the Director of Student Services or designee(s). Approval for all flyer distribution requests will be at the discretion of the Director of Student Services or designee(s) and the District reserves the right to deny any request that does not adhere to Board guidelines, support the basic educational mission of the District, directly benefit ERUSD students, or is not of inherent value to ERUSD students or their parents/guardians.