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Teacher Support » Peer Assistance and Review Program

Peer Assistance and Review Program

Peer Assistance and Review Program

The mission of the El Rancho Unified School District Peer Assistance and Review program for teachers is to provide meaningful, one on one support for teachers making changes in grade level or subject matter, and for those interested in renewing their teaching strategies, expanding knowledge, augmenting resources, finding opportunities for networking and collegiality all intended for heightening student achievement.

In order to assist teachers who may need additional development in subject matter knowledge and/or teaching strategies, El Rancho Unified School District provides a program of peer assistance and review linking participating teachers with exemplary teachers serving as consulting teachers. Consulting teachers provide sustained, intensive support including; multiple classroom observations, recommendations for staff development and regular meetings with participating teachers.

Areas of Support:  Classroom Management, Lesson Design, Time Management, Organization, Instructional Strategies and Content/Grade Level Curriculum Support