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"Achieving Excellence Through Servant Leadership." 
Welcome to the ERUSD's Educational Services Division. Educational Services is responsible for administering various district-wide programs. It is comprised of a high-performing team committed to supporting the work of students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and parents.
ERUSD is proud to share an instructional theory of action that emphasizes: 1.) the instructional core, 2.) student learning,  3.) reflection, and 4.) parent and community engagement.
The California State Board of Education sets curriculum standards and frameworks in the areas of English-language arts, mathematics, science, history/social science, and visual and performing arts. These standards guide curriculum planning at the school and district levels. Curriculum and instruction are designed to provide all students with an outstanding education of rigor and relevance that motivates them to reach their full potential and pursue their goals and dreams. Through professional development opportunities, the district encourages teachers to use a wide variety of instructional strategies, thus providing students with multiple opportunities to learn and demonstrate understanding and mastery.