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Below you will find helpful guides to better your Frontline Experience!


This guide will walk your through how to submit and absence on Frontline!


1. The first step is to open Frontline - Sign In and click ID or Username.

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2. Type ID or Username. Here you will either input your district email or phone number!

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3. Click PIN or Password

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4. Click Sign In

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5. Here you will click the day or days that you will be absent. Using the Left or Right arrow to move forwards or backwards months.

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6. Choose the date(s) you will be absent, then click Create Absence.

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7. Once you have selected a date you will move down to the bottom for more information.

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8. Scroll down and select your Absence Reason. Below the Time option, you will see a list of Reasons. Some, or more, of these options may be available to you, based on your classification.

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9. Click the Time Boxes. Here you will choose whether it is a full day, half day, or specific hours you will not be working. Please ensure this matches your Notes to Administrator.

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10. Next, write in you Notes to Administrator. This may not be required for every Absence Reason, however, it may help your supervisor when it comes to approvals.

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11. Click Notes to Substitute to provide important information for employees that require substitutes. Please note that teachers are REQUIRED to attach lesson plan files for every absence. 

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12. (Applicable for Absences requiring a Substitute) Click on Choose File to upload lesson plan documents. It is recommended the file be a .docx (Word Document) or .pdf when uploading, as it works best.

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13. Once uploaded, you will see your file here. By clicking the pencil on the right, you will be able to leave a description. Clicking the "trash can" will remove the upload file or files.  

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14. You are also able to Drag and Drop files in the checkered area.

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15. Lastly, click Create Absence to finalize your absence! Be sure to check over your absence before clicking this to ensure that everything is accurate.

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16. This will give you your absence confirmation number! You will want to save this just in case as proof of inputting your absence!

After that, you have finished and submitted your absence! Thank you!

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Here's an interactive tutorial