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The ERUSD Teacher Support Programs help prepare teachers to meet the academic learning needs of all K-12 students and retain high-quality teachers. The programs are responsive to the individual teacher's needs and are consistent with the Education Code.  Each program provides opportunities for the application and demonstration of the pedagogical knowledge and skills of teachers. Programs include individualized support and assistance to each candidate, collaborative experiences with colleagues and resource personnel, and a formative assessment system that is built upon the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. National Board Certification - Peer Assistance and Review - Newly Hired Peer Support - Teacher Induction Program


Who is eligible for the Induction Program? How do I enroll in Induction? 

1) The teacher candidate must hold a preliminary credential, both General Education or Education Specialists Credentials.

2) The teacher candidate is hired as a teacher of record part or full-time by the El Rancho Unified School District. 

The El Rancho District offers a FREE (no cost or charge to the teacher) Induction program as the preferred means by which any teacher holding a preliminary teaching credential (General Education and Education Specialists), and are employed part or full time as a teacher of record in the district to achieve a California Clear Credential.


At this time, teachers not employed by the district, such as private school teachers and out-of-district teachers, are not eligible for enrollment in the El Rancho Unified School District Induction program.


If eligible, a candidate teacher has several options for enrollment: 

Upon hiring a candidate teacher will be contacted by the Credential Analyst and provided with the contact information of the Teacher Support Coordinator, Heather Redding, which is hredding@erusd.org - 562-334-2661 (mobile) or 562-801-7349 (office).  Once contacted, the newly hired candidate teacher will receive advice and assistance with enrolling in the Induction program as well as the following required forms (see below):  

Induction Candidate Consent form (click here)

Notification of Eligibility, Responsibility and Participation Agreement form

Candidate Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) form


In the event this does not happen, the enrollment forms are also accessible on the ERUSD Induction website which can be found on the ERUSD website at erusd.org >Human Resources>Teacher Support>Teacher Support and Induction Program or visit the website directly at https://sites.google.com/site/erusdinduction