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Fees for Repairs/Replacement

Chromebook devices are loaned to students and remain the property of the ERUSD throughout the students' career. Just like textbooks, team uniforms, and other school property issued to students, there is a responsibility to care for and return the property in good/working condition. 


Repair or Replacement Fees
Issues caused by faulty hardware, where no visible damage is evident, or from normal wear and tear is covered completely by the district. Repair costs associated with accidental damage, negligence, loss, and/or theft are the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian, as stated within the Student AUP form.  Any fees will be assessed onto the student's ASB account. It is the district administration's discretion to reduce or waive fees based on the circumstances of the individual situation.


The following is the current fee schedule:

Repair or Replacement Fee Amount

Screen Replacement (Non-touch)

Screen Replacement (Touch-enabled) 80
Keyboard/Touchpad 60
Touchpad 30
Key Replacement (Individual Key) 5
Carrying Case 20
Power Cord 20
Charging Port 20
Headphone Jack (object removal) 20
Headphone Jack N/A
Hinge Replacement 40
Integrated Camera 40
Battery Replacement 50
Bezel Frame Around Screen 50
Bottom Housing 50
Chromebook 325
Chromebook Spare G1 75
Wireless WiFi Hotspot 75
Wireless Hotspot Charger 20