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Rolland Kornblau

Rolland Kornblau, Director of IT

I have been in Educational Technology Management for the past 23 years with a Master in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. I began my educational career as a computer technician and worked my way up to Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
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Information Technology

Welcome to the Information Technology Services Division. Our team of highly skilled and talented people are passionate about providing students, staff and visitors with the best possible IT services, products and support. Our goal is to provide the students of the El Rancho Unified School District with a twenty-first century technical environment where they will engage education with modern technology and futuristic concepts.
Pshishing scam

Phishing Scam

Always proceed with caution and confirm requests are legitimate before responding to someone asking for personal information, money, or gift cards to resolve an urgent, yet fictitious scenario – such as a block on your account or the threat of an arrest. Please note, it is common for scammers to pose as a person you can trust, such as a family member, government official, someone you do business with, or a charity.
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