El Rancho Unified School District Board of Trustees Approves School Bond and Parcel Tax Resolutions

“These are exciting and transformative times in ERUSD. By approving the facilities bond and the parcel tax resolutions, the Board of Education has sent a message to our community that our students deserve insanely great 21st Century learning facilities, the highest quality of education, and the most highly qualified teachers and support staff. We ask the Pico Rivera community to join us in providing our students with a level of education that is Second to None,” Dr. Aurora Villon, Board President said.  The proposed $200 million bond measure would rebuild and modernize El Rancho High School, which is one of the most important institutions that has served the Pico Rivera community for over 60 years.


“The passage of these two measures will not only transform El Rancho High School, but they will elevate our beloved City of Pico Rivera! We have an opportunity for a historical moment in our community to continue making our school district Second to None,” Gabriel Orosco, Board Member said.  In addition, the bond measure would make urgent repairs to modernize school facilities at other district schools to meet current and academic health and safety standards. This proposed bond measure would address the scope of projects as outlined in the District’s Student Centric Facilities Master Plan dated December 9, 2014.


The proposed parcel tax, if approved by voters, would authorize an annual $99 per-parcel for nine years, exempting senior citizens and people with disabilities, require a Parcel Tax Oversight Committee and annual reports to the community to ensure the funds are spent in accordance with the provisions of the parcel tax measure. All funds generated by the parcel tax would be used locally to improve student learning. 50% of the proceeds of the parcel tax would supplement current District funding of arts education. The other 50% would attract and retain high quality teachers and support staff and improve instruction in science, technology, engineering arts and math. None of the proceeds of the parcel tax can be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions.