Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation = Transformation of El Rancho Unified Schools

Our school communities have seen and commented on the improvements and we are not finished. The development and implementation of an academy or innovative program, supported by district funds, does not diminish or take away resources from another school. We have carefully and deliberately expanded the options for our school community in a very short two years because the City of Pico Rivera and the ERUSD students deserve these opportunities. The magnet high school is another example of the innovation taking place. I totally agree that more information should have been presented. We are attempting to do that now. The ERUSD has been progressive as it has regained fiscal stability, implemented new programs and academies at all of our schools including El Rancho High School, provided employee raises, increased expectations for students and begun to address long standing facilities needs in our schools. Based on being careful with our district funds, we can do all of the following:
1. We are ready to provide raises for our employees for this school year and next year.
2. We will provide facilities improvements at El Rancho High School and the rest of our schools.
3. We will continue to provide instructional resources that benefit our students.
4. Based on community interest and approval by the board, we can establish a magnet high school that could provide another choice for our students and their families.
We will continue to survey, gather input and data related to the establishment of a magnet high school that will help our district make the best decision for our students. Please attend the upcoming Community Forum at the STEAM Academy at Burke on February 17 at 6:00 PM. Read below to find out more about magnet schools.
Martin Galindo