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Parents » Enrollment


Step 1

You will need the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat to download these forms.

Click here  to download. Be sure to uncheck any 3rd Party add-ins. Once download is completed, you  may need to restart your computer.

Step 2

 It is important that you read, fill out, print, sign and return each of the required forms listed below to your student's school(s).

Step 3

 Please be sure to bring the following ORIGINAL documents with you to your student's school upon enrollment:
Original Birth Certificate, Current Passport or Baptismal Certificate(TK-12).  As required by State law, all children entering kindergarten must be five years of age on or before September 1.  
•Immunization Records, for current immunization information (TK-12). All children are required to have their vaccinations fully completed before enrolling in school.   Immunization Record to include the following: 
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertusis (DTap, DTP, or DT)
  • Polio - Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)
Immunizations are offered at the Whittier Health Center. Please call 562-464-5350 for more information. A PERSONAL BELIEF EXEMPTION FORM IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.
Two Documents as Proof of Residency (TK-12), for appropriate documents for address verification - 1. deed to a home; 2. escrow papers for a home; 3. tax receipt (property taxes or personal taxes); 4. regular driver's license (not temporary) with residence address; 5. receipt for deposit with the local utility company and/or receipt for bills paid to the local utility company, i.e., propane, SDG&E; 6. Rental agreement with property owner or agent's signature (notarized or verified under penalty of perjury); 7. other government or business document which reliably establishes current residence, as determined by the District.
•Transcript from previous school (6-12)


If you have a child that will be five years old on/or before September 1, 2017, they are eligible for kindergarten. Visit www.erusd.org click the School Locator tab to locate your school of residence.


*Transitional Kindergarten Program:

If you have a child who will be turning five years old between September 2, 2017 and March 2, 2018, they are eligible for the transitional kindergarten program.


*First Grade

A child must be at least five years of age at time of admission to the first grade, providing the child has completed a year of kindergarten in a private or public school. If a child reaches his/her sixth birth date on/or before September 1, 2017, and has not completed one year in kindergarten, he/she is also eligible for first grade admission.

Step 4

Return all necessary forms to your student's school during assigned enrollment times.   
Please know the enrollment process is not complete until you provide the school with all required forms in the file named REGISTRATION PACKET found below and the original documents listed in Step 3. Thank you!