Human Resources » Campus Access: ERUSD COVID-19 Flowsheet

Campus Access: ERUSD COVID-19 Flowsheet

Certificated staff may access the site on a schedule coordinated by the site administrator. Some sites will have limited access and may not be available right away. The administrator will reach out to certificated staff when access is available.  The following guidelines are to be followed by site administrators and staff.

Campus Access Guidelines:

  1. All staff MUST sign in and out at the front office as well as place a sticker indicating they have signed the log AND have answered the active wellness screening questions (Employee COVID Wellness Screening Process) BEFORE entering campus. A LOG of these sign-in sheets in a secure site folder for COVID tracking purposes. This is also used to provide night custodian, which classrooms MUST be cleaned each evening.
  2. ONLY ONE PERSON is allowed to use different printing stations or other workstations on campus at any time. There MUST be disinfectant wipes to use on copiers/printers after each use and LIMIT sharing of any other materials or equipment.
  3. Logs MUST be in at least one restroom hallway where the custodian initials their name/time the restroom was cleaned. The site administrator will determine the number of total restrooms on campus for staff use. 
  4. All staff MUST be made aware of and adhere to the following health and safety guidelines and expectations provided below.

Health and safety guidelines and expectations when employees are on campus:

  • Review the following documents and have them posted at entrance:
  • Follow the schedule established by the administration. Please contact the administrator if you have any questions.
  • Prior to arriving on campus, be sure to conduct a “passive wellness screening” at home as directed on the Wellness Screening Outline (attached). If you have any symptoms, you are to stay home.
  • Upon arriving on campus and/or exiting your vehicle, you must have a mask on or one will be provided. Open chin triangle bandanas are not acceptable.
  • Enter only through the identified point of entry in order to participate in an “active wellness screening” which may include a temperature scan and answers to the questions on the Wellness Screening Outline.
  • You may bring your own mask, but one may be provided to you upon arrival. You are to adhere to the Face Mask Guidelines and Staff Safety Precautions attached.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during these times. In practicing these measures, we will all be collectively working to keep each other safe during this global pandemic. Since this is a fluid situation, the District and site administrators will keep you informed if/when guidelines and recommendations are changed or updated. The District continues to monitor the safety precautions issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California State Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (CLADPH). 

Attached: Employee COVID Wellness Screening Process, COVID-19 Safety Precautions for Employees, Face Masks Guidelines, Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and Stop the Spread of Germ