CAASPP Student Score Reports Coming Soon!


CAASPP Student Score Reports to be Released this Fall


El Rancho Unified School District students participated in the new California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASSP) System last spring.

The CAASPP System replaced the old STAR - CST program with its multiple-choice paper-and-pencil-tests that students took each spring.  The CAASPP assessments are the new, computer-based tests that measure student knowledge of California’s English language arts and mathematics standards for grades 3-8 and grade 11. 

Originally, schools were told to expect the score reports for these assessments during the summer break.  However, state officials now say they plan to release the scores sometime in September.  If everything goes according to plan, parents should expect to receive student score reports within the month of October.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the CAASPP is very different from the STAR - CST assessments, and therefore, results of assessments from prior years cannot be compared to the new assessment results.  The numerical scores will be different because they reflect performance on a new test that measures different and more rigorous standards.  The 2015 scores will establish a new baseline – a starting point from which ERUSD will measure its progress towards preparing students for the future workforce and economy of tomorrow. 

As with the first year of implementation of STAR, the District anticipates student scores will be lower and will rise each year of implementation as teachers and students become more familiar with the assessment format and higher level of difficulty of the CAASPP assessments.

The statewide tests are only one component of measuring student achievement and success. Each year, the District examines multiple measures of student achievement and success. These include, but are not limited to college readiness tests, enrollment in rigorous high school courses, graduation rates, attendance rates, and District checkpoint assessments.

California updated its standards and built matching assessments to shift the focus of student learning toward more complex skills that today’s colleges and careers require.  These updates will take patience and persistence to work through changes in curriculum and instruction.

El Rancho Unified will keep parents and families updated with any new information it receives. 

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