Parent Update on School Closure - Campuses to be Closed for the Remainder of the School Year

Importantly, while campuses are physically closed, school is still in session and instruction will continue until the end of the school year. We recognize that this decision comes with many challenges, like online learning. Online learning is a new experience for all of us. The California Department of Education, the Los Angeles County Office of Education and the El Rancho Unified School District’s leadership team has worked daily to identify solutions to support this new online learning environment. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge our Teachers, Administrators, the El Rancho staff and our students who are demonstrating amazing creativity and out-of-the box thinking to strengthen remote learning. 


In addition, El Rancho Unified is working diligently to identify external sources of funding and partnerships to provide WIFI/Internet connectivity and other materials that families need to support student learning. Distance learning is our new environment and our new reality. We must be patient as we adjust to this new learning experience. However, I feel confident that each day the distance learning experience is improving, and we can build on our existing expertise and harness the power of partnerships and collaboration to ensure our young people continue to learn and grow.

As part of its efforts, El Rancho continues to work on providing educational services via online as well as food services found at our three middle schools (STEAM, Rivera Middle School and North Park Academy of the Arts) on Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Remember, it is important for your child to connect with his/her teachers and classmates daily. We need to keep our lines of communication and collaboration open. We know this situation can be stressful.

El Rancho prides itself in creating the best opportunities for our students and families. Thank you for your support during this crisis and know that my messages will continue to be more frequent to ensure that all families know the latest information on school community topics. I also want to thank all of the caregivers at home for your support. Parents, guardians, grandparents, brothers and sisters, who are coming together to support our students during this crisis. As we move forward, we will be using this same creativity to identify virtual ways to celebrate and engage in our spring traditions, promotions and graduation.


As your Superintendent, I am proud of how the El Rancho community has come together and found creative solutions to an unprecedented challenge. I feel confident that working together we will rise to the challenge. 


Thank you for your time and support.




Frances Esparza, Ed.D.